Award Winners

Artist: Matthew Petrucci
Title: Croatian Idyll #1
Prize: Highly Commended - Oil Painting
Artist: Joan Denner
Title: Quinces
Prize: Best Oil Painting
Artist: Wei Luo
Title: Harbour
Prize: Highly Commended
Artist: Jason Roberts
Title: Eagle’s Wing
Prize: Highly Commended - Watercolour
Artist: It Hao Pheh
Title: The Charcoal Family
Prize: Best Watercolour Painting
Artist: Magdalena Dmowska
Title: Homecoming
Prize: Highly Commended - Oil
Artist: Jianqiang Xu
Title: Snow2022
Prize: Best Painting (All Mediums) - Value $251 to $500
Artist: Nina Volk
Title: Yarra River (life Is But A Dream)
Prize: Highly Commended - Watercolour
Artist: Leanne Moss
Title: Lifes Tough
Prize: Highly Commended - Pencil


The Complete Art Show Catalogue: Physical and Virtual Shows - Base - Linen (3 works)

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Artwork number: 401

Flame Robin Study

Height 30cm x Width 25cm

Oil on Linen

Genre: Animals

Live Show Location: 15

© Artist: Leanne Moss (4)
NRN# 000-37491-0158-01

Artwork number: 411

Pink Proteas In Yellow Vase

Height 53cm x Width 44cm

Oil on Linen

Genre: Still Life

Live Show Location: 8

© Artist: Leanne Newell (5)
NRN# 000-40803-0163-01

Artwork number: 547

Still Life With Lilies

Height 128cm x Width 78cm

Oil on Linen

Genre: Still Life

Live Show Location: 5

© Artist: Angus Wishart (2)
NRN# 000-44826-0137-01