Award Winners

Artist: It Hao Pheh
Title: Let There Be Light, Bendigo
Prize: Highly Commended - Watercolour
Artist: Joan Denner
Title: Quinces
Prize: Best Oil Painting
Artist: Leanne Moss
Title: Lifes Tough
Prize: Highly Commended - Pencil
Artist: Malcolm Beattie
Title: Fowl Business
Prize: Highly Commended - Watercolour
Artist: Trace O'rourke
Title: Queenscliff South Pier
Prize: Highly Commended - Abstract
Artist: Matthew Petrucci
Title: Croatian Idyll #1
Prize: Highly Commended - Oil Painting
Artist: Alejandro Aguanta
Title: Chija
Prize: Highly Commended - Paintings (All Mediums) - Value $501 to $1000
Artist: Neil Roberts
Title: Kimberley Textures
Prize: Best Landscape Photograph
Artist: Lindsay Mc Dougall
Title: Eildon Morning
Prize: Best Painting (All Mediums) - Value $501 to $1000


The Complete Art Show Catalogue: Physical and Virtual Shows - Genre - Nudes (4 works)

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Artwork number: 110


Height 103cm x Width 66cm

Charcoal on Paper

Genre: Nudes

Live Show Location: 2

© Artist: Alejandro Aguanta (5)
NRN# 000-44708-0155-01

Artwork number: 111


Height 49cm x Width 39cm

Charcoal on Paper

Genre: Nudes

Live Show Location: 28

© Artist: Alejandro Aguanta (5)
NRN# 000-44708-0153-01

Artwork number: 419


Height 70cm x Width 100cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Nudes

© Artist: Sheyda Nikrouy (11)
NRN# 000-44199-0143-01

Artwork number: 496

By The Mirror

Height 60cm x Width 30cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Nudes

© Artist: Robert Shlimak (3)
NRN# 000-1731-0179-01