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Show now Open

This year's Knox Art Show will be a combined Physical and Virtual event.


Opening Night Tickets

Important Note: Now that the Art Show is both physical and online, the Opening Night will be a ticketed event for in person attendees and free online event for online attendees. Tickets for in person attendance can be purchased here. Bookings can be made online.


Photography Exhibition

In addition to the exhibition of paintings, the 2022 Knox Art Show will again include a competition for photographers.


School's Art Show

The 2022 Knox Art Show will again include a separate exhibition of school children's art.


Important Information for Artists

All of your artwork on display during the Art Show will have a QR Code attached whereby patrons will be able to scan and read information about each painting.

They will also be able to read your Bio - so it may be a good idea to update your Bio now. This could mean the difference between a sale and no-sale at all.

Any prizes that you may win will be automatically added to your Bio. You will also be advised by phone, email and SMS on Friday afternoon if you are a major prize winner so that you can be in attendance on Friday night to receive your prize.

All sales during the show will also be advised via email and SMS automatically so will know what you are collecting on Sunday evening.