The Tree Of Life by Narada Bartley

ARTIST NOTES: This artwork is quite sentimental, and comes from a place of great emotion and inspiration after the birth of my second child where I found myself suddenly filled with ideas and a “reborn” passion for art. The subject is an artistic interpretation of my placenta after the birth of my second child, Tia. Drawn from a photo, I aimed to recreate the shape and flow of the blood vessels that feed into the placenta and nourish the baby, just as they were in the real photo. I used blue/purple for highlights in the vessels to replicate the blueish colour they have. I finished the artwork by adding some subtle texture and colour with oil pastels.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 75.00 cm X Width - 60.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Abstract
REGISTERED NRN # 000-43751-0134-01
COPYRIGHT © Narada Bartley
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Artist: Narada Bartley


I grew up in Wagga Wagga NSW where I became more and more involved and in love with visual and performing arts as I got older. During year 12 I completed a cert IV in fine arts for my HSC alongside my usual high school subjects. After school I went on to complete another certificate in visual arts and contemporary craft where I was able to indulge in many forms of media and discover my influences.  My strongest point was life drawing, but I have always had a love for anything strange, different, surreal, or even macabre. I created a lot of work before moving to Melbourne in 2010, but after the move I found myself becoming more involved in performing arts than visual arts and the paintbrush was set down for some time. In 2018 I had my first child and in 2020 I had my second child. I had two daughters, both were breech babies and both born via cesarean. The amazing and eye-opening experience of pregnancy, birth and raising children has awakened a new sense of inspiration and thirst for visual arts once again. So I am welcoming myself back into the world of art in what is now a new age of art. Being a bit older now and more mature, I feel that I am able to explore the art world and learn from others more openly.

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