The Pink Dress by Margie Langtip



DIMENSIONS (Height - 50.00 cm X Width - 60.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-39748-0168-01
COPYRIGHT © Margie Langtip
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Artist: Margie Langtip


I was born in a small country town in South Gippsland, moving to the Dandenong area in my teenage years. Later I chose to move to Macclesfield in the beautiful Yarra Ranges, Victoria, to raise my two sons. I currently live in Foster, South Gippsland with my husband after living in the Yarra Ranges for 22 years. 

My artistic inspiration comes from the Masters and many other Australian Artists such as Arthur Boyd, Streeton, Tom Roberts and my tutor, Kevin Boucher. I also get inspiration from being in nature, being it the bush or the ocean. 

I have been tutored by Kevin for a number of years now, in oils and acrylics, however, I’m self taught in Watercolour, practising daily with this medium for the past year.

I have a love of watercolours as I find it an easy medium to set up and clean up albeit a frustrating medium to get used to. My favourite medium though, is oils. I love the creamy texture which allows for movement, blending and super rich deep colours. I usually paint traditional art but I do paint the odd abstract which allows me the freedom of slapping the paint on.

I am an emerging Australian artist and I have a goal of becoming a great painter and to be able to sell my work regularly. My studio at Foster will be opened several times throughout the year. I also wish to become more immersed into the art scene of South Gippsland and to build up my business while striving for successful outcomes.

I am lucky enough to have a number of art collectors that feature my work on their walls.  

I enter various exhibitions and shows and have received small prizes for my art. I also exhibit in my studio showing cards and paintings.

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