Quiet Creek by Jue Wu



DIMENSIONS (Height - 53.00 cm X Width - 35.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42796-0153-01
PRIZES AND AWARDS The Knox Art Exhibition 2022 - Highly Commended Prize - Certificate
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Artist: Jue Wu


I am a native of Shanghai, named Wu Jue (also known as Qiaofu). I graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Shanghai Light Industry College, under the tutelage of the famous watercolour painters Professor Zhang Yinghong and Teacher Zhao Zhiqiang.

Mr Zhao is one of the representatives of Shanghai style watercolour painting artists and I learned to use the method of  “Wet Blending Painting”  to give full play to the special water traits of watercolour and special watercolour materials. This objectively reflects the characteristic humid climate of the canal towns of southern China. His artwork infuses the aesthetic poetic imagery and taste of the Orient and uses minimalist freehand Chinese painting style that closely reflects traditional Chinese landscape painting colours.

These teachings are the backdrop to my unique style, where my brush follows the mind and displays the authentic texture of objects. The light and shadow under the eaves are vivid and the use of natural blank leaving is just perfect. The rhythmic beauty blending water and colours, light and shadows makes each painting full, spiritual and playful.

Chinese freehand brushwork does not chase reality. It emphasizes the spiritual aspect. Switching between minimalism freehand Chinese painting style and realistic meticulous painting styles is not just addition or deletion. To cultivate the skills of freehand drawing demands more than just painting. If the painting only flows into the superficial and simple form without meaning, it becomes simple, tedious and devoid of “spirit”. 

After learning from freehand brushwork, and rough and vague outlines of objects to convey rich and unique connotations, I am trying to explore a new style -- ways of not only advocating a minimalist and sensual freehand painting style, but also the love of rationality and classic realistic culture. By using the method that expresses freehand brushwork in watercolour paintings that seem random, I deliberately lean towards exquisite realism sculpturing my paintings with structure, without any sign of emptiness, vagueness or superficiality.

I created a personalized and unique breathable watercolour painting style using Western painting styles, with emphasis on light application, atmosphere creation, perspective effect, texture feelings, the interrelations between emptiness and substantiality, the handling of light and dark relations, the right and skilful control of timing and water, combined with the charm of Chinese ink and wash with fingering as smooth as writing in Chinese paintingsï¼ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂŒ as well as blending rationality and sensibility. The use of light and softness are beautifully balanced in contract and definition that gives my scenes an emotive feeling. It is almost like a glimpse of a memory. Moreover, I integrate deep local cultural meaning while retaining the roots of the essence of Western watercolour paintings.

Nowadays, there are many artists trying various bold and interesting innovations. For instance, hippie music is added to Chinese folk music, modern elements are incorporated into the production of traditional Purple Clay Teapot (Zisha Teapot), and the essence of classical art is reflected in the modern craftsmanship of the Liuli Gongfang (琉çÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ’ƒ工房). No matter what kind of changes are attempted, it is only by orientating people and returning to nature, can you recover the simple and basic truths.

I have recently exhibited in various Melbourne art shows and have won the following awards:

  • Judge's Special Award in Camberwell Art Show 2018, 2019
  • Best Watercolour in Moonee Valley Art Show 2019,2022
  • 1st Place, Best Watercolour in Flemington Art Show 2019,2021