Pink Fuschia Flowers by Annalisa Agresta


ARTIST NOTES: As you may already know I love to paint flowers using bold and vibrant colours that make me happy and hopefully this happiness will spread to the new owner. One of my artist friends suggested a website where I could purchase reference images, while scrolling through the section under nature and flowers, the colours of the fuschia flowers got my attention and I fell in love with it, so I decided to purchase the image to use as a reference to paint these beautiful fuschia flowers. This piece would look great in any room. Don't forget, I also can organise prints, if you would like a larger size than the original.

DIMENSIONS (Height - 61.00 cm X Width - 45.70 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Stretched Canvas
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42110-0173-01
COPYRIGHT © Annalisa Agresta
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Artist: Annalisa Agresta


I am an emerging artist who has been learning to paint by following and purchasing online tutorials and classes. I am now taking my artistic talent to the next level by studying a Bachelor of Visual Art part-time with the Adelaide Central School of Art. I have always had a passion for painting and drawing, but painting is my forte. My grandfather who lived in Italy was a great artist, he painted anything and everything, he never went to school to practice art - he was born with the gift. My uncle, his son, grew up to be a very talented artist and singer, he can sing all of Elvis Presley songs and painted for catholic churches in Italy such as the 'Passion of the Christ' angels, saints etc. No one in the family followed my grandfather or my uncle footsteps, so I am determined to make my grandfather proud by working towards my passion and love of art - even though he no longer lives, but I know he is watching over me. I have lots to learn, my persistency, determination and passion will see me succeed and I look forward to sharing my artwork with the world. I use both acrylics and oil mediums and am fascinated to paint anything that is bold, colourful and elegant. You are welcome to visit my website.