Out Of The Square by Jan Horvath

ARTIST NOTES: Out of the Square depicts motion and direction that form when we step out of our comfort zone Digital work printed directly onto canvas


DIMENSIONS (Height - 30.00 cm X Width - 45.00 cm )
GENRE Contemporary
REGISTERED NRN # 000-43639-0139-01
COPYRIGHT © Jan Horvath
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Artist: Jan Horvath


The Australian bush underpins the work of Gellibrand River artist jan horvath. Her work connects digital representations, sculptures and paintings, which like the bush are a changing landscape.

The beauty of the flora and fauna of the Gellibrand River region, located in the heart of the Otways two hours from Melbourne, is the inspiration for many of her works over recent times.

Being inspired by the Grampians region as a child, and also Audrey Beardsley, with his influence of striking lines that depicted life and death, spiritualism that jan, just wanted to colour in to make them more vivid and accentuated, so others could feel the sensuous of Aubreys works.

jan is currently using the past and the present to emulsify into what is now, rich and engaging works that delights and calms those spirits.

Jan's first showing of her works was at Cafe Zoo in Drysdale, 2017 and first solo exhibition was curated by Deb Stauton at the Gellibrand River Gallery in 2018.

Once ny artwork is printed...it's an exclusive piece of work...anything that I put online has been printed, and is ready for you to hang.

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