Blue Floral by Janette Macgregor



DIMENSIONS (Height - 58.00 cm X Width - 48.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-2003-0164-01
COPYRIGHT © Janette Macgregor
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Artist: Janette Macgregor


My name is Janette Macgregor and I live on the Peninsula.  I have been involved in art for the last 30 years firstly involved with pottery making both hobby and for retail sale, and after studying for 6 years both visual arts and visual arts, illustration, I have now found that both sculpture and painting are my loves. I work mainly in oils but recently have begun to paint with acrylics. I majored in sculpture but now enjoy both disciplines equally.




 Recently I undertook a large commission with another artist, in Merimbula where I completed a large water feature mosaic and completely covered a large front door with copper, broken glass and tiles.  I have been lucky enough to have won awards for both my sculpture and painting and have had sales both in Australia and overseas.




I have been represented in many shows and at Without Pier, a commercial gallery in both Sandringham and Hampton. I have been featured in the Artists Palette magazine both with an article and also a demonstration step by step article.  I am currently holding my first solo exhibition at Gasworks in Albert Park

With my painting I like to make works that engage the viewer and promote discussion whether by the quirky nature of the work or the environmental message. I try to portray the crisis of wildlife in an ever encroaching human intervention and show the fragility of some species to the point of extinction. 

My passions are realism in a surreal setting, still life and sculpture. I hope you enjoy these works as much as I have enjoyed making them  

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