Acceptable Art Works


Acceptable Works

  • Paintings and photographs will be accepted subject to the normal selection process.
  • Acceptable genre are: Abstract; African; Contemporary; Drawing; Humanity; Indigenous; Impressionist; Landscape; Life Drawing; Plant Life; Portrait; Religious; Seascape; Sport; Still Life; and Surrealism.
  • Unacceptable genre are: Nudes.
  • Submission Mediums are: Acrylic; Airbrush; Charcoal; Conte; Digital Art; Dye; Embroidery; Fabric; Gouache; Ink; Mixed media; Oil; Oil and Beeswax; Other Medium; Pastel; Pen & wash; Pencil; Resin; and Watercolour.
  • Other types of art work are encouraged but acceptance is entirely at the discretion of the Organisers and subject to the available space and the quality of the art.

Please contact the Organisers if you have any questions.

No. of Works

  • The Artist may submit any number of works for consideration for acceptance into the Show, each submission attracting a registration/ entry fee as shown under the Fees and Commissions Section.  The Organisers, whose decision is final, can accept any number of works from any one artist.
  • Pairs of paintings and multiple panelled paintings will be accepted. Entry fees will be calculated using the combined dimensions of the work. Individual paintings from a pair will not be sold separately.
  • Prints may be entered and multiple copies sold of the print.  Each sale is subject to the charges listed under Fees and Commissions.

Size of Paintings and Photographs

  • Submitted work must not exceed one (1) square metre in total area (including framing, if any).
  • There are three (3) sizing groups for entry:
    • Combined length of two adjacent sides is less than 170 cm,
    • Combined length of two adjacent sides is between 170 and 210 cm
    • Combined length of two adjacent sides is between 210 and 250 cm

Acceptance Fee

  • Acceptance of a work will attract an acceptance fee (hanging fee) depending on frame dimensions.  The acceptance fee is in addition to the registration/entry fee.
  • Artworks displayed in the virtual gallery will also attract an acceptance fee in addition to the registration / entry fee. If however, the same painting has been accepted in the physical art show, then the acceptance fee will not apply.
  • All accepted works will be displayed.
  • Artists will be notified by both email and text message when their work has been accepted for hanging or display. Please ensure that your correct details are registered with Gallery 247.


  • Exhibits must be on durable material, framed with FLUSH HANGERS. Flush Hangers are those which do not protrude when paintings are stored. Eye hooks are not acceptable as these can cause damage to other works. Oil/acrylic paintings on canvas unframed but ready for hanging will be accepted.


  • Identifying labels, supplied by the Art Show organisers, must be affixed securely to the rear of the work.

Additional Works

  • Individual artists may at the discretion of the Organisers be invited to supply more than the maximum number.

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