Artshow Preview 2019 - Medium - Ink (3 works)

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Sydney Harbour With Canas Flowers

Height 29cm x Width 60cm

Ink on Paper

Genre: Contemporary

© Jenny Hickinbotham (3)

NRN# 000-36699-0169-01

Exhibit# 303

Glistening Seas

Height 21cm x Width 15cm

Ink on Paper

Genre: Contemporary

© Tamara Perrett (2)

NRN# 000-40889-0135-01

Exhibit# 460

Brown Butterflies And Rosemary

Height 40cm x Width 40cm

Ink on Paper

Genre: Animals

© Vicky Pratt (3)

NRN# 000-37997-0137-01

Exhibit# 481